History of Sakarya

As we can be seen from an information on the origin of the province name goes as far as to the age of Phrygians.The river which gave the name of the province, had been called as Sangari belonging to one of the most important

Phrygian Gods within that age.This name changed into the form of Sangarios in the Hellenistic-age.It had been used for long years ago.In addition of that it had known that Ancient Greeks have given the name of "Zakharion" to the river of Sakarya which means "agressor"to the Old Greek time.This name has been formed as Sakarya within the following years.Adapazarı has ben centrum of Sakarya, has been founded more recently. It is known taht the province has been founded at the beginning of the 14 th Century with the name of "Tığçılar" by Konuralp, who was one of

the chief commanders of the Orhan Gazi. "Tığçılar"land part is jammed in two branches of the Sakarya river thereby having a view of an island, these places had been named as"Ada"(island) in the following years.The settling place that started gradually to gain the property of becoming a trade center and it had been named as Ada Karyesi and then as from Adapazarı respectively.

In the period of Sultan Mahmud II (1837), Adapazarı became a district.Towards the end of the 19 th Century, it became a district of İzmit.It was declared as a provinceon 22.06.1954 taking the name of Sakarya with the 6419 numbered of law.The first Turkish inhabitants of Adapazarı were settled-order nomads from Turkmen tribes.Today, the wards of Adapazarı were called with the names of Turkish clans such as Tığçılar,Hasırcılar,Semerciler,Pabuççular,Çıracılar and Yağçılar.Adapazarı had also an important role in the Turkish War İndependence. Our several heroes such as Alifuat Cebesoy,Sırrı Bey,Hasan Cavit Bey,Çerkez Sait Bey,Koçzade Mahmud Bey,Cevat Bey,Kaymakam Tahir Bey,Ibsiz Recep,Kazım Kaptan and Halit Molla have taken their place in the honored pages of the National War by helping and supporting the operations of Kuva-i Milliye ( Nationalist Independence Forces after I.World War)
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