In the first five months of the year, about 25% of the export was contributed by Sakarya

Turkish Exporters' Assembly announced May 2017 export figures.

Turkey's exports increased by 15.8% in May, reaching 12 billion 472 million dollars, bringing first 5 months' increase to 10% with a total of 63.15 billion dollars.

Sakarya has increased its export rates mostly in May among the other months of the fisrt months.

Sakarya  has been a Top performer with a rise by 237%. Commenting on the sharp increase in exportation, Buyukeksi told: “Latest automotive investments in Sakarya contributed greatly to the city's exports. In the first five months of the year, about 25% of the export increase was becouse of these investments..

Sakarya’s exports were 142 million,106 thousand and 97 dollars, increased by 237%  compared to the same period of last year and increased by 18.5% over the previous month.

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President of Board of Directors Mahmut Kösemusul said, “Sakarya has again drawn attention to the region as a strong and fast-growing province with its export targets. Sakarya is rapidly moving towards being the locomotive city of Turkey.”

News Date : 2/6/2017
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