“From the University-to-Market collaboration Project (UPEP)” which is implemented by SATSO Overseas Business Development Commission, 2018-2019 Fall Term Protocol was signed with the cooperation of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Trade Department of Sakarya University.

SATSO president of the Board of directors Mr. A. Akgün Altuğ hosted the protocol ceremony. He emphasized that their efforts to increase the exports of our province and increase the quality and quantity of the exporting companies and expressed the following:

“As we always say, it is very important to produce and marketing to the world what we produce. Considering especially in the context of economic indicators, it is even more serious to be involved in production and global markets. In order to reach our 2023 export targets, we are carrying out serious works. UPEP is also one of the most important of these works.The project aims to enable Sakarya companies to find global markets, suppliers or partners, while foreign students can participate in Sakarya's social and business life. The academic, country and language perfection of foreign students will be matched with the experiences of Sakarya companies and a win-win relationship will be established. President Altuğ also gave information about the project, which started in 2014 but could not become mature as it was intended, will be carried out with great precision in the next process.

Faculty of Business Department of International Trade Assoc. Hakan Tunahan stated that the UPEP Project is a very valuable study and pointed out that the project is a special study that is not only national but also internationally increasing awareness. He stated that UPEP Project has been selected as one of the most valuable global education innovation by AACSB, the world's largest business schools association and accreditation agency, in the global Inspiring Innovations, between more than 300 schools and more than 300 innovations from 35 countries. Associate professor Mr. Tunahan stated that “We think that our project has been rewarded by seeing the value it deserves with SATSO Management in this new period. The new process of our work will be good for our city and our country.”

Ali İhsan Güneş, Chairman of the Business Development Commission of SATSO, gave information about the beginning and the present of the project and said: The origin of our project is the idea of considering foreign students as “You are not a foreigner”. A friendly and well-intentioned work. So we are sure that it will be very successful. The owner of the Project is SATSO and, we are aware of the opportunity you give us. We thank you.

After the speeches, the company and student matches were made for the fall semester period.
News Date : 6/11/2018