President of SCCI  A. Akgün Altuğ signed a cooperation protocol with President of Foreign Economic Relations Nail Olpak. He stated that the cooperation with Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK) will contribute to the development of Sakarya exports and reaching the target markets.

During the visit, President Altuğ gave informations about Sakarya's export potential and its contribution to the national economy and gave detailed information about the efforts to increase the export rates of the members, to direct the non-exporters to export and to strengthen the economic development of our province and its place in international trade.

President Altuğ also gave information about the projects and targets of the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to increase exports and drew attention to the exports from our province through regular ship departures to Karasu port and Chornomosk port of Ukraine, which has recently started to serve actively.

President of Foreign Economic Relations Nail Olpak, expressed satisfaction with the visit. He stated that an understanding that has this sensitivity and consciousness will contribute to the economy of Sakarya.

During the visit, a protocol was signed between the two institutions to increase joint efforts and strengthen cooperation.
News Date : 28/7/2019
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