Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the O EMO Hannover International 2019 Metal Processing, Welding Technology Fair düzenlen which was held in Hannover, Germany and gained world fame in the fields of metal processing and welding technology.

At the EMO Hannover International Metalworking, Welding Technology Fair, products for 3D printers, robotic systems, sensors and diagnostic technologies, cutting-off tables, metal forming machines and advanced welding technologies were exhibited.

President Altuğ and SCCI delegation visited the stands and visited the booth opened by Kar Metal Industry and Trade Limited Company which is a member of SCCI and wished success.

A. Akgün Altuğ, President of the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, evaluating the visit of the fair, the contributions of the fairs and festivals to our members are quite significant. We believe that such organizations are useful for our members to follow the developments in the field of industry, to examine cultures in other countries and to recognize new companies. He said that he wishes that such big fairs will take place in our country and I hope that the relevant manufacturers will participate in such fairs.

News Date : 24/9/2019
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