Economy of Sakarya

Sakarya is convenient for industrial, agricultural and touristic investments due to its geographical location. Because of the industry it becomes particularly dense in the area between İstanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli,enterprising evulate Sakarya as an alternative investment area.Development of industry in Sakarya in a healthy manner will be possible by completing the investments of private enterprise within the first organized industrial zone and realizing the investments in the second organized industrial zone.

Besides the industry, %50 of active population of Sakarya is busy with agriculture.Cattle breeding and poultry have an important role in the economy of Sakarya.

Because of Sakarya is near to the motorway that ties Marmara zone which is the most socio-economically developed zone due to its location,it makes the interior-torism more vigourus.Sakarya has ea economic potential in terms of thermal resources.

The underground and over-ground benefits of the geography that Sakarya locates in makes it become one of the popular cities of Turkish industry.Connecting the Europe and Asia by TEM and D-100 International motorways and Haydarpaşa-Arifiye railway increase the importance of the geographical position of Sakarya.

The econmoy of Sakarya has developed by means of agriculture and commerce so far and it has started to develop industrally since 1990's. Although %55 of the population lived in rural areas according to the census of 1990's,the proportion of the population living in the cities has increased to %69 with the rapid development of industry within a short period of time.It can be concluded that the proportion of the population living in the province will incrase soon rapidly if the economical devellopment data is examined.We lived an eathquake-disaster on 17 August 1999 its effected for every positions situtations in Sakarya.It was delayed for a long-time on an optimistic estimate situtiations.But after earthquake in 1999, large pğartb of the province population has moved to rural areas.Our people can't live in the buildings because of about 40.000 buildings has damaged.However ,a part of the population ahs come back to the province with the compleetion of building renewal works.

Some of the permanent buildings with strong infrastructure and superstructure have beenfinished and some of them are about to be finished.A new province is formed in this new settlement area.The commercial life will continue as in the past.A prosperus province will be appeared in a few years.

Using disciplined and modern technologies, the industry in Sakarya will develop in a systematic way by the completion of the organized industrial zones.The scattered and cluttered industrial investments projects are prevented by the organized industrial zones and fertile agricultural areas are maintained very carefully.

The investments of the huge corporations such as Toyotasa,Toprak Medicine,Toprak Health, Products, ToprakThread, Pilsa,Otoyol,Otokar,Otokar,Freuhauf, Tırsan,Balaban Food,Erdem Steel, Barışsan, Yazar Products,Atasan Metal, Arma, Kromel, Panoteks, Ada Embroidery, Takanichi,Yazakisa,Noksel and Goodyear in Sakarya shows that the most attracting industrial investment areas of Marmara zone in Sakarya.When several plants in the first organized industrial zone start to manufacture about 8500 peoplecan be employed.In the OIZ-2, established in Kargalıhanbaba and Hendek,Söğütlü district has been selected and it has been determined that the third organized industrial zone is constructed in this area.Area determination for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh organized industrial zones has been completed.


Sakarya 1.Organized Industry Zone which is located 150 hectares of land,is bordered with Hanli municipality at North,İstanbul-Ankara Highhway at South ,The Sakarya River at East and Eskişehir-Adapazarı at West by the decision of Minister Of Trade and Indusrty following the 93/t 45 numbered and 07.06.1993 dated decision decision of Higher Planning Committee.
There are 64 industry parcels in Sakarya 1.Organized Industry Zone.20 firms continues its production rough construction of 20 firm have been finished. 22 firms are under construction and 12 firms don't have any construction activity at all.In the 17 th of August 1999 earthquake disaster,14 firms badly damaged while under construction and 6 firms had to shut down production.
8.500 people will be empolyed with the starting of the activities of all plants in OIZ-1.currently 2.500 people are working in the plants taht are continuing their activities.
Attempting to solve the legal problems in the Organized Industry Zone-1, supplying infrastructure and financial support and bringing the firms that are partially invested or to be constructed soon into economy will be made as soon as possible.

*Gross field : 1.611. 344 m2
*The sharp of Industrial Field : 1.179. 592 m2
*Green sphere : 233.851 m2
*Administration social sphere
of Institutions : 31.043 m2
*Technical substructure : 8.760 m2
*Education of apprenticeship : 7.019 m2
*TSE Zone : 4.933 m2
*The sphere of domestic-line road : 135.092 m2
*Toprak Rest home : 10.994 m2
*Minumum sphere plot of land :
*Maximum sphere plot of land : 403.500 m2
The one part of district for industrial instituttions date of 18.08.1999 a reason for an eartquake disaster.It gave us heavy degree disaster's for our industrial economy.
*32 firms have continued to their production
* 3 firms have continued to their roughly made constructions.
*19 firms continues to their constructions.
*10 firms haven't to do something for their production.

In Uzuncaorman, Kargalınbaba, Punabey locations of Hendek District,320 hectares of fields are determined as 2.Organized Industry Zone.During the public improvements by expropriating some places that must be included into OIZ-2 borders, this area was increased to 340 of hectares.Almost all of parcels in the OIZ-2, which is formed by 106 plots, were sold.So far 2 trillions 748 billion TL has been gathered from entrepreneurs as vacant lot
İnfrastructure and compensation payment.2 trillion 300 billions Tl has been given to the landowners as expropriating and compensation payment.
Stabilizer coating of all coarse roads, road edge slopes,covering roads with tuvanen materials and a protective layer,improving head ditches, raising
( only 75 m. part) service road, protecting it with concrete and construction of short-term electricity lines,drainage ditches,the service road and the bridge have been complete by-pass road,the Road-1,of the OIZ-2 to the
D-100 highway.
Besides,106 firms which are included in the OIZ-2, are waiting teh implementation date of the law about Sakarya City which was taken under the coverage of Privileged Region in Development Project,to commence their investment.Starting bthe implementation date as soon as possible and so supplying infrastructure and financial supprot to the firms will be tried.

In 18.08.1999 and 10.08.1999, 240 hectares of land for OIZ-3 İN Yeniköy,Hasanfakı and soğucak sites from Söğütlü district has been determined.With dated as 08.06.1998 and numbered as16 decisions of the General Council of Province, establishment of the OIZ-3 in determined area is concluded appropriate and enterprising formation has been constituted.

The estimation asssesment of the determined land for OIZ-3 was done by the Province Determinatioon Commission by taking public benefit decision in 27.10.1999.The scaled of 1/1000 and 1/5000 current maps ,the scaled of1/5000 Regulatory Development Plan,the scaled of 1/1000 Local Development Plan Works for the OIZ-3 were auctioned and started on the date of 20.09.1999 and approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.In the OIZ-3, 35 firms are continuing to pay the land payments by which the expropriation is still continuing.

The county of Pamukova within Cihadiye villages boundary 200 land measure for sapling and flower garden field.The district of Specialization Industrial Organized zone passed to work for their activities.

The villages of duties 1.District Of Directorship have been made research for soil and the result has got a valueable of field for foundation of Industrial Organized Zone's.We will be continue to work for alternative nplaces from 5-6 and 7.Industrial Organized Zone's.We will be work to tak efor investment programmes to Industrial Zone's.

What Is Free Trade Zone?
Free Trade Zone of which locations, boundaries and business owners may be determined by the Council of Ministers permission with the 3218 numbered Free Trade Zones Law that became valid in 15.06.1985 are briefly special economical region within the country boundaries but it is thought as duty free zone and they are out of all economical and social arrangements.
Most Part of the Silk Road Valley Free Trade Zone ( 82 km2 )is in Sakarya
and the remaining part is within Kocaeli borders( 6 km2)."Silkroad valley Free Trade Zone Founder and Runner Incorporation" is authorized to establish and run the Free Trade Zone in this area by 98/12125 numbered Council of Ministers decision dated 09.12.1998 and its publication dated 19 December 1998 and 23554 numbered official gazete.
Registering of title deed for 82 km2 particular land of the Silkroad Valley Free Trade Zone which is a great market oppourtunity devoted to countries consisting of Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region Members,Eastern Europe Countries, Community of Independent States Countries and Turkic Republics and our Chamber who is a charter member of the Project has been completed.National Real Estate General Administration of Turkey has been assigned to expropriate the land.
It is planned to complete % 10 of the zone in 2003 and to start for the full activities in 2009. Infrastructure investment costed $1500 millions will be spent and the total investment may reach up to $30 billions in 10 years.When the Free Trade Zone commences to work in full capacity,it is aimed to make over $ 200 billions export and 16.000 employed people.
At present 1/5000 scaled parcels of the whole region have been prepared ,the borders have been identified by National Real Estate General Administration,the parcels within the borders have been numbered,all parcels worth have been estimated and allparts of the regionhave been expropriated by considering public interest.Sit Areas and Private Forest Commentaries on the parcels have been invalidated. A fund of 700 billion TL has been subsidized from the budget initally and expropriation of approximately 1245 acres of the land has been done by this fund.With this expropriated land,6.300 acres of the 80.000 acres land has been allocated to the Free Trade Zone.Approximately 4800 of acres of land has been legalized by courts and the decision also have been approved by Supreme ourt and legal procedures are on the final stage.With this part mentioned before, the land supplied and ready for construction for Free Trade Zone will reach up to 11.000 of acres.The attribute change and allocation of 3000 acres of pastureland have been waiting for the decision of Council of State.

Despite the fact that Turkey is a country of which there 3 sides are surrounded by sea and she has many rivers, Turkey couldn't exhibit the necessary improvement in river tarnsportation because of some specific resaons.In the past,although it was thought to improve the transportation in the Lower Sakarya River, it hasn't been able to executed until now.In the Ottoman Empire period, there were several attempts for the purpose of using the Lower Sakarya River for transportation.The most recent study was done in 1976, however since there were not sufficient load to transport the task was not found feasible to be examined in more detail.At the present time, the area covering the provinces of Sakarya, Kocaeli, Bolu, Bilecik and Eskişehir that they are defined as the Project scope area,have developed relatively high compared to 20 years before.The indusrty is rapidly developing and thereby trade and service sectors are improving rapidly.

The provinces in the region have an income rate over Turkey's average of Gross National Productivity.Paralelling to the facts mentioned above, the foreign trade in the area has also increased and , therefore, evaluating the river as atransportation channel has become a current issue again.
Transportation is being made on many rivers in the world.On the other hand without any engineering work, modern transportation can be made on a few rivers.Especially after 70's river transportaion has again become a matter of primary importance in the world since fuel consumption, required manpower and land loss in river transportation; road and vehicles have lonf work period and there is no serious environmental risk.
In poland 3.898 km, in Holland 4.387 km, in France 8.568 km of river road
is being used for transportation.425 million tons of a loads were transported in Europe by inland river roads in 1994. In 1995, %35 of the loads were transported by highways,%24 by inland river roads, %9 by railroads and %32 by sea.River transportation has been operated centuries on the Danube River which is conjoined with the Rhen River in 1993 to bind the Black Sea and the North Sea; The Volga and Dan River were conjoined to bind Black Sea over Azhak Sea to Caspian Sea in 1952.In addition that, an extensive transportation on the Dinyeper and Dinyesther River are performed and ships can reach up to Moscow nowadays.
%84.5 o the total inland loads is transported in Turkey by highway,%6.8 by railroad,%2.2 by pipe-lines and %6.5 by sea. As it can be seen, turkey is much more behind from other countries in using water roads.The costs for transporting 100 tones of load for 1 km in various system are;$ 2.81 for truck, $ 0.65 for railroad and %0.20 for river roads.Utilities for the loads passing from highway tor iver channels are not only thought as transportation systems but also shorthened distances are considered, additionally energy production advantages arec considered as well as a result, it is estimated that in just one year period $ 52.808 million of benefit can be get from the system.
This important Project covers the provinces, Sakarya, Kocaeli, Bilecik, Eskişehir and Bolu .The region transport business to be operated first is the place between Karasu-Adapazarı.In addtion,in future it will be bounded over Sakarya river to Bilecik-Eskişehir.More important then that, right from the border of Sapanca Lake, it will be bounded to Sakarya River and so another potential water channel apart from Boshphorus will be created from Black Sea to Marmara Sea.By this way, as a result of combining Danube River and Rhen River a way through Black Sea and iner Europe will be obtained.Besides with the combination of Volga and Dan Rivers a way through Caspian Sea over the Azhak Sea and The Turkic Reepublics will be supplied.

A feasibility study was carried out by Sakarya University for Sakarya Governorship about "The Sakarya River Transportation Project".30 billions TL has been spent by Sakarya Governorship about " The Sakarya River Transportation Project".30 billions TL has been spent by Sakarya Governorship so far and it is proved by the feasibility study that Sakarya River is suited for suited for transportation.
Having prepared a feasibility report for th purpose of identifying a competent authority to perform th ne Project, a direction has been given to Ministry of Transportation.Ministry of Transportation states an idea that it would be be more reasonable to evalute the Project by discussing in a commission consisting of representatives from State Planning Organization
Marital Counsellorship, General Directorate of Railways,Harbours and Airports,and the other related ministry representatives since it is a priviledge Project and it is important for the Project to be united with the national politics of the state.
The same feasibility report was sent to the State Planning Organization by which the Lower Sakarya River Transportaion Project has been approved to be supported project in the principles.Having supplied information flow between General Directorate of Railways.General Directorate of Harbours
and Airports Constructions and Sakarya Governorship by the State Planning Organization,it was informed that the Project can be considered with the New İzmit Channel Project and the etude projects can be financed under the Public Investment Program.
Following the completion of this Project which is also supports Free Zone Project, consequential contribution to the national economy will be significant.In addition, it will provide great advantages in competitiveness with the European countries.
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