Chairman's Message

Proximity of Sakarya with its geographical location to the largest metropolises of Turkey -İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa and Ankara- provides economic and possible opportinites.

Sakarya is more advantageous than other regions in the country and even than the regions in the world with its investment opportinities. Sakarya can reach a 7.02 trillion euros market share in 3 hours flight distance.

From an export achievement point of view, Sakarya is one of the top 10 cities. Our short term target is to become one of the top 5 cities. With its 32 professional committees, 90 Council Members and approximately 10.000 members Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides various services such as offering business promotion, councultancy, training activities for SMEs, member registiration and local initiatives supports.

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been applying ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System for 10 years and one of first ten Chambers accredited by Eurochambers within the context of "Turkish Accreditation System".

Sakarya is one of the most important cities in Turkey with its history, geographical position, industry, agriculture, livestock and advantages in service sector. In terms of improvements and development, in the year 2000 Sakarya earned the metropolis statue and name of "Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality".

From an economic point of view, you will see that 20 of Turkey's largest 500 industrial companies and 7 of the second-largest 500 are operating in our province. Deployement of these industrial investments increased the developments of industrial supply manufacturers. Automotive, automotive supply industry, machine, food, ornamental plant, agriculture and livestock sectors are featured sectors in Sakarya. Major investments of some large automotive firms like Tırsan, Otokar and Toyota in Sakarya have made market expansion necessary.

Industrial investments and number of organised industrial zones equipped with modern and environmental protection technologies are increasing. There are 3 Organised Industrial Zones (OIZ) fully active and 4 are under construction. Fully operating organized industrial zones are built on 765 hectares, including approximetely 250 industrial lots and providing employement for approximetely 25.000 people.

The 4th OIZ is situated in Karasu, built on 50 hectares of land. The 5th OIZ is situated in Ferizli, built on 75 hecatares of land and waiting for the investors.Sakarya has a high potential in agriculture and livestok sector.

One of the most important missions of SCCI - as a trade association for its members and as a social organization for Sakarya residents- is to share its present and future activities with its members and public in transparency principles.

The most important initiative of the SCCI Management Board within the first days after they took the position was to provide information flow to all its members via strengthening the Chamber's website. From now on assembly meetings are shown live on the internet.

SCCI Management Board, determined mission, vision, 4 year strategic plan and a road map at a meeting arranged at Afyon with all assembly members and experts charged by the Union of Chambers, and than shared with public.

SCCI worked hard to encourage young, woman entrepreneurs and to promote supporting of young and woman entrepreneurs by establishing "Young Entrepreneurs Commission" and "Woman Entrepreneurs Commission" and made young, woman entrepreneurs supported even effective.

Research and Development Department was set up in a Chamber for the first time in Turkey, by Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Under the guidance of the department, lots of new entrepreneurs determined their road maps and made their voices heard in Turkey. Also, the R & D Department prepared a guidebook about R&D and innovation supports as a road map for companies and entrepreneurs.

SCCI Foreign Trade Development Commission has been carrying out activities to develop commercial relations with many countries, to make Sakarya's entrepreneurs open up to the world and to contribute Sakarya's trade development.

Management Board of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ensures active participation of SCCI and its members in national and international fairs. Our chamber consults its members about the way how to apply and participate in fairs.

A periodical magazine is being delivered to all members with in the renewal form where the SCCI activities are told.

SCCI bought a historical building at Taraklı, a cute city of Sakarya where history's memories are still alive. The house will be restored by SCCI and will be gained to cultural heritage.

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Management Board and Assembly put signature under great services from the day they took up position up to date and will continue to work for better.

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board
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