At the beginning of world commerce and industry chambers based on the end of the XVI Century. Marseilles Chamber of Commerce which was the name of the first organizations and agencies in 1600. Chambers of commerce in North America was the first in New York was founded in 1768. The first establishment was in a chambers of history Chamber of Commerce in 1804 in Halifax in Canada.

Nowadays, chambers of commerce and industry from western countries in the joint that matter, state authorities and business consultancy for the express function.

A common feature in the world of Chambers Commerce and Industry which also become a national center are within a top of administrative organization to the Chamber Of Union and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey in our country sample is the Union.
The idea of Chambers has come up with in Ottoman Empire into society to the western movement. It contains a series of reforms and innovations of 1856 dated Sultan Order to Royal Edict Reforms, the merchants of the need for organizations to established for chambers has revealed. Publish to the laws, and chambers had began to be Royal Edict Reforms established. Chamber of Commerce and Industry was first established in 1879 Tarsus, the another one was in 1882 in Istanbul, so Izmir was established in 1885 was followed by establishment of Chambers. 

Adapazarı Chamber Of Commerce and Industry was established in 1917; to with Seyit Ahmet Efendi (retired regent and Founder of the Bank), Hamit Sipahizade (Merchants and Bankers), Emin Muharrem Güner (Hardware), Numan Numanbeyzade (Merchants and Bankers), Rauf Demirtaş (Millers), Ibrahim Diyarbekir with (Merchants and Bankers), the Islamic Bank Director Asım Bey, Salih Numan Yontem ( Grocery wholesalers), Ali Fevzizade (Family of Adapazarlı to General Clerk), Kazim Berköz (cloth merchants), Joseph Alican(merchants), Zobar Ahmet Özdilek (town merchants) and the other around 200 merchants and businessmen was established under to the leadership of Adapazarı.
Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Act the date of acceptance 18/05/2004 5174 with the law to Chambers of Commerce and Industry, trade exchanges with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey relating to the establishment and operation principles were organized. In a date published in the Official Gazette dated in 01.06.2004 and by to the 25479th.
Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, government and public opinion in the face of increasing efficiency and as of each year which of chamber members have been trying to fulfill their duties for public of Sakarya.