Adapazarı Chamber of Commerce and Industry; founded in May 31, 1917. It is one of the oldest rooms that founded before the Republic of Turkey. We commemorate with respect all the members and the founding president Şumnulu Hilmi Efendi.

After the 2008, we took the name of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sakarya is a city that aware of its potential, knows what it wants, rapidly developing, rapidly growing investments. Sakarya is our common denominator. Sakarya is a rich city as a cultural mosaic. The richness and diversity of the cultural structure should be our strengths and we must turn this multiculturalism into an opportunity. While preparing the strong Sakarya for the future, “#sifremiz54” should guide us. 

As one of the most important dynamics of the city, our projects and activities that trigger socio-economic development, the board of directors, councils, professional committees, commissions, women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and experienced staff continue to give a quality service to national and international platforms for 101 years in Sakarya.