Macedonia Novaci Mayor Steve Stevanovski and the accompanying committee realized a visit to SCCI.

In the program hosted by SCCI Chairman of the Board of Directors A. Akgün Altuğ and the Members of the Board of Directors, the potential of the two cities was talked about by creating a mutual cultural bridge.

As part of the program planned to be made whose Novaci city to directed, Novaci Organized Industrial Zone, the presentation realized members of SCCI in attendance. Data was shared about the advantage for the investor of the zone and city.

SCCI Board Chairman A. Akgün Altuğ “we are glad to you host in Sakarya. More than 70 of people friendly altogether that lived, establish with migration and Our city which every culture have marks you welcome. Our citizens who thousand of Macedonia migration, a city which available and stranger, you didn't come. At the same time Sakarya ,which has manufacturing seriously potentially is the city, a branch of tourism, education, and industry with agriculture. We represent separated As SCCI,sectoral meaning 34 occupational groups belonging toward 15 thousand our member which , city economic, employment, and more than percent 90 of export. we make to export every point of the world and the country. We have a serious cultural bond with Balkan geography and Our members who want to open new countries lean to invest in nearby geography. He talked “I want to be beneficent the project of Novaci Organized Industrial Zone”

 Novaci Mayor Steve Stevanovski, “We fell very comfortable like our at home ourselves right now” We thank for sincere, friendly hospitable of Sakarya and SCCI. Sakarya took our attention as a city valuable potential from each other. Manufacture bases of globally known brands take part here. It is told to be a successful city in every field. As Novaci are representing a city where natural beauty and in terms of production have potential. Novaci region about agriculture on the front and we have very employee located which our region in power plant. We want to establish an industry zone which meet all standards,modern a land exceeder large of 180 decare. We will ensure many incentives and advantages for pull here to investors. In region about actualize important many in project like highway project. We invite investors to invest in this advantage region”said.

News Date : 21/3/2022
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