Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry that founded by 13 entrepreneurs on 31 May 1917 ( First name Adapazarı Chamber of Commerce and Industry), it is celebrating 105th year.

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Chairman A.Akgün Altuğ for this special day made a statement that say:

“Our chamber is experiencing the enthusiasm and proper pride of reaching its 105th anniversary today. Our chamber that founding on 31 May 1917 by 13 entrepreneurs under the tough conditions of period our city business world for back up a serious by taking responsibility, on 105 years achieved many the very first, it actualized countless projects its members and Sakarya’s to benefit. When we look at today, it has reached the position of being the largest chamber in Sakarya and one of the most influential chamber in East Marmara with its close to 15 thousand members.

When we look at 105 years, we have served our members, our city and our country by keeping our goals and objectives high, with the power we derive from our deep-rooted history within the framework of our vision and mission, and we continue to do so. Our Keeping to institution traditions today’s technology, thoughts, and trends by leading we guide our members.

We take a pride in.

As a city, our driving force in perpetuating our competitive advantage is our merchants and industrialists. With Members that represented the 90 percent economy of Sakarya our synergy we are improving every year. This spreads to the whole of Sakarya. It is the efforts of our members that make us strong.  The fact that we are an effective institution that is listened to and whose opinions are taken in every aspect of the city has been an indicator of the support given to us by our members. We take a pride in our Chamber, with its 105 years of experience and prestige, the institutional structure it has constantly strengthened, the projects it has implemented from the past to the present, and the work it has brought to Sakarya.

Tek Durak Service Buildings are 105th Anniversary Gift to Our Members

Our "Tek Durak Office Service Buildings", which we brought to our community in our 105th year, is our gift and thanks to our valuable members, who became our corporate reason for existence on our anniversary. I hope it will be beneficial to the SCCI community and other cities and regions.

 We continue to work with the understanding of "Let no member be left whose problems we do not touch". As being up to the present for improving Sakarya, we will continue to take on responsibility for our city.

With these feelings and thoughts, I wish mercy to all our executives and members, especially our Şumnulu Founder Hilmi Efendi, who have migrated to eternity by serving. In addition, I would like to thank our managers, members and employees who have contributed to our Chamber at all stage and have given their efforts and services at various stage.

News Date : 31/5/2022
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