Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted Nigeria committee Commissioners who visited to Sakarya.

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce and Sakarya Commodity Exchange President Adem Sarı participated in the program hosted by SCCI Chairman of the Board A. Akgün Altuğ and the Members of the Board of Directors, while the Investment Agency, State Investment Advisory Council, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor and Finance participated in the Niger State delegation with Senior executives from the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of State Investment, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, the General Staff, the Ministry of Livestock and the Ministry of Justice, ICAF Chairman Hakan Yüksel, ICAF Officials and SCCI member company representatives.

In the meeting had been an exchange of ideas , between Sakarya and Nigeria State enhancing trade volume, various projects composing cooperation in subjects.

SCCI Board Chairman A. Akgün Altuğ said: we are glad because SCCI host the Nigeria State Committee and “ Welcome to the producing city sakarya, said. It continues to grow day by day with its increasing qualified population, where more than 70 nations live together in a friendly manner, its strategic location through which all roads pass, the importance it attaches to both industrial and agricultural production, and the acceleration of exports. Sakarya has always stood out as a city that produces more than it consumes. Annual on the 10 million dollars our city that foreign trade volume among 81 city the most making export is 7th city.

We don’t foreign about trade with Nigeria. We have between serious a trade volume. We export to Nigeria especially iron and steel products, electric machines, mechanic devices, and equipment like lime, and cement raw materials. We import many product raw materials such as plastic products, cocoa and finished products from Nigeria. In this direction, taking qualified steps towards cooperation with Nigeria will make us and our members very, pleased. The potential of SATSO members, who make up more than 90 percent of the city's economy, will benefit both countries” said.

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, “ You are in a very powerful city. İmportant world brands our city production are making and we have serious businessman. SCCI so as to improve Sakarya's every field striving, it has a deep-rooted history is an institution. In Sakarya both the agricultural sector and the industry sector are important. The protection of agricultural fields all our institution are sensitive. Sakarya is a producing city. In two our university Nigeria student are training and we host to they in the our city. Sakarya is one of the provinces with the lowest unemployment rate in Turkey. Our meeting beneficent, mixture and acquaintance, new cooperation conduce to ,said”

Speaking on behalf of the Nigerian State Committee, Aminu Suleman Takuma, CEO of the Nigerian investment agency, said: “ We are well pleased due to being in SCCI. Nigeria State belonging delegate of 9 city are here with us. With Sakarya make for common commercial and for enhance cooperation are here. Nigeria State has many commercial activities. When Ekrem Chairman visited to us, we introduced our plant to herself. For Turkish investor Nigeria State has investment advantage. With Various attractive stimulus packages application we expedite investment. We want to come again to Sakarya with businessman’s by the end of the year. Common commercial and in terms of economic cooperation we hope to make B2B interviews. We thank you SCCI for home ownership and gentle hospitality” said.

The meeting ended with the bilateral meetings of Niger State Official Representatives and SATSO Members in the foyer area of the SATSO Service Building.

News Date : 20/7/2022
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