Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry which founded SCCI İnc. , in the tissue culture laboratory ( Sakarya Agricultural Products Centre of Excellence ) that about orchid and ornamental plants trades that the world’s largest orchid laboratories German orchid product firm with Fritz Hark Orchideen GmbH& Co. firm product and collaboration agreement were signature.


Performed in Sakarya Chamber of commerce and Industry protocol signature ceremony; SCCI Vice Chairman of the Management Board and SCCI Inc. Board Chairman Cem Gün, Boards Members; Doğan Çatalbaş, Fatih Güreş, Kamil Uzak, Onur Kansu, Fritz Hark Orchideen GmbH & Co. Company Manager- Oliver Bormann participated.


Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Search Training and Organization Inc. Sakarya Agricultural Products Center of Excellence, also known as Tissue Culture Laboratory, aims to enter the world market with the agricultural products and ornamental plants it produces.

İn this direction, The German orchid product firm that Fritz Hark Orchideen GmbH &Co. protocol that signed with firm, international qualification is an important step.

In addition, it was announced that with this agreement it is aimed to take place in the world market by acting together in ornamental plants other than orchids.


The subject of international protocol related to the knowledge given whose SCCI Vice Chairman of the Management Board and SCCI Inc. Chairman Cem Gün said “ With this agreement is aimed to meet a significant part of the import of orchids, which has a potential foreign deficit in Turkey for which we pay millions of euro every year with domestic production and to establish an export environment. We believe that Sakarya will be a global player in the ornamental plant’s sector.

Fritz Hark Orchideen GmbH & Co. Firm informing that his company is a global laboratory with its 120-year history, laboratories in Germany and the USA, with an annual production of over 50,000,000, SCCI Inc. Chairman Cem Gün,also gave information about the product goal of the laboratory.

2022-2023 GOALS

SCCI Inc. Chairman Gün emphasized that the changing global economic conditions after the pandemic increased the importance of agricultural production, and stated that they are also working on food-oriented plants such as Hazelnut, Tea, Walnut, Pistachio, Kiwi, Blueberry, Raspberry seedlings, and these seedlings will be delivered to the Producers in the 2022 year and Potato and Purple Potato stated that they aim to deliver their seeds in 2023. Gün in addition to this emphasized that in recent years the world of medical cannabis which become a sector of billions of euros on study regulations.


Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Chairman A. Akgün Altuğ uttered in his evaluation: “Our working rapidly continues to support the development of Sakarya as a city that produces more than it consumes in terms of agriculture. All the time like we said, no agricultural production without industrial production. Agricultural production, plant production, and ornamental plant sectors are silent factories


İn this direction the end the of 2021 year by completing we established a tissue culture laboratory in Hendek Organized İndustrial Zone go into operation by SCCI Inc. Our laboratory is the biggest Turkey tissue culture laboratory with 30.000.000 capacity under a single roof. Tissue culture includes an important point in agriculture and it is an application that will carry our country forward in this regard. It is a system where we can provide not only ornamental plant cultivation but also healthy reproduction of needed and endangered agricultural products.

I wish the protocol in question good luck. With this cooperation work on a global scale recognizability will increase, Sakarya which important contributory ornamental plant, agricultural production, and nourishment plant in turkey.

News Date : 10/5/2022
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