Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB) and Eurochambres Turkey conducted in cooperation - EU Business Dialogue (Turkey-EU Business Dialogue) Under TEBD Project, discussion of the corporate governance framework of the problems faced by the export of the rooms in our SMEs and to evaluate the solutions "Impact on SMEs Institutionalization the EU Exports A training on” was organized.

Nalan Uysal, founder of HERA Strategy and Management Services Company gave information to the participants on the general definition, importance and structural advantages of small and medium-sized companies, their effects on imports and exports, the institutionalization process and management of SMEs, how management strategies can be supported in the competition and progress in international markets.

Ms. Uysal in her speech; "Turkey accounted for some 99 percent of SMEs in the economy and also a part of the family company it consists of 95 percent of these SMEs. Looking at these statistics, our SMEs make serious contributions to our country's economy and employment. There is very strong competition in the world. As a country, we do successful things in many areas, but we need to improve it further. 50 percent of our annual exports cover only the European Union countries, and these figures are considered quite good compared to the European continent, where it is very difficult to export. ”

News Date : 21/1/2020
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