A. Akgün Altuğ, President of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, evaluated the effects of Covid-19 pandemic and normalization process on the economy in terms of exports.

As we have stated on every platform, production is one of the main issues in the development of countries. Ensuring that we are a self-sufficient country and reaching serious export figures will make us strong in all conditions. We must be the center of domestic production by increasing the production volume and product variety. We can do that.

Digital Support for Export

In addition, with the COVİD-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Commerce developed a support mechanism to promote export-oriented digital activities during this period when business practices changed radically and digitalization gained importance. 

With the support package that includes the membership of companies to e-commerce sites, virtual commerce delegations and participation in virtual fairs, 80% of the expenses for membership in e-commerce sites will be supported in 2020 and 60% in the following years.

News Date : 4/6/2020
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